Off to the UK

It has been a nervous wait to get the all clear to leave the country but we are finally able to get excited, pack and depart tomorrow. Shane had a small operation, on a rather nasty cyst, and had the stitches out today. He is fine, well at least that is what the doctors all say, Shane is still a little nervous but for the next 2 days we will basically be sitting so will get plenty of rest. For the last couple of weeks it has not felt that everything would fall into place but we are now on our way!

We will arrive in London on Thursday at 9am and should catch up with Daniel when he finishes work – so excited about that. I suspect we may be tired so it will be good to have a bit of a rest. The flight is 7 hours to Singapore, then a 2 hour break, off to Helsinki which will be an 11 hour flight, then a 2 hour break, then just a short 2 hour flight to London. I am hopeful to sleep some of the trip but hard to do on a plane.

We will spend 10 days hanging around London, checking out the sights and very excited about going to see Mousetrap but will fill you in on all of that as we go.

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