Heading to the UK

We have just booked our flights to London so over the next few months we shall be getting excited, nervous and hearing lots of advice from family and friends. For us it is a chance to catch up with our son, currently working/living in the UK, and do a bit of looking around as well as seeing some of my relatives. We shall also travel to Europe hoping to see Rome and some other destinations still to figure out.

We ended up going through the local Flight Centre office and found the travel consultant to be very helpful and incredibly enthusiastic. These days it is easy to find flights on the internet and if you know what you are looking for and how to go about things then you could get better deals, flights and connections but for us novices it is beneficial to use the professionals that are trained for these arrangements. Of course you then have someone to blame if it all goes “pear shaped’.

2 thoughts on “Heading to the UK

    1. peakesj6 Post author

      Back in Wagga Wagga and officially retire 7/2. Hopefully right decision and need to get Bank right out of my system and move onto next phase of our life away from Westpac. Got 40 years up last week and must be honest was a hard decision to leave but know it is the right one.
      Hope all is well with you guys and that you are enjoying Hay and retired life and getting to use your Caravan.
      Ended up doing 20000 Klms in 4 mos largely in WA & SA and we loved WA and are keen to go back their.
      No big trips planned this year due to our trip to UK to visit our Son and see a bit of Europe.




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