3/11 – 6/11/2013

My Mildura
We are now back in the place we called home for nearly 7 years so I am choosing 3 things that are quintessentially Mildura to me.
First of all there is the Murray River which is the reason I even came here in the first place – just married to Shane, the mad fisherman, and this is where his ‘heart’s home’ belongs. The river always has and always will be high on the list of attractions here – the life blood of the community past and present, paddle-steamers, skiing, speed boats, house boats and lots of fishing. Shane first brought me here to go fishing, across the tree-less Hay Plains, through the Mallee Scrub, driving 900kms so when I finally came over that old wooden bridge some 32 years ago it looked like paradise, an oasis of colour and life. The river, the trees, green parks and the palm trees that lined the streets made it something very special that first time and still does.
The Murray River at Mildura

The Murray River at Mildura

Langtree Avenue is next – the foodies centre of Mildura. Fasta Pasta was one of the first places my father-in-law took me too and it was the best Italian food I had ever had – probably the first Italian restaurant I’d dined out in. Although we do love other restaurants like the Rustic Olive, which is in Deakin Avenue, I still crave for Pizza from the Pizza Cafe. I also absolutely loved going down into the cellar at the Grand for an amazing 7 course dinner at Stefano’s – my mouth still waters remembering….mmmmmm.
Langtree Avenue - for lovers of food and wine

Langtree Avenue – for lovers of food and wine

My 3rd pick is the vines that made this place look so green and inviting. At that time there were many small vineyards, orchards and market gardeners around and although now it has changed to much bigger producers taking over the vines are still a big part of the countryside and it just wouldn’t be Mildura without them.

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