Coffin Bay

28/10 – 29/10/2013

At last we reach Coffin Bay and we get to taste oysters fresh from the farm – cant wait!
It is easy to find the sheds and we met a lovely guy that used to be a sheep farmer. He was really helpful showing us how to open them and telling us about the industry. Shane wants to go for the big oysters but the fella really wants us to take the smaller ones so he chucks in some of those as well. Of course he was right so we order 6 dozen of his best and hope we can fit them in the freezer for Christmas. (The smaller ones are not small at all and the oyster inside takes up all the space, plump and creamy. Larger ones can have less of the creamy part of the oyster which is the bit that is the best.)
While we are so close we head to Port Lincoln so we can stock up on groceries, Shane bought a new esky ’cause you never have enough of those and to enjoy a seafood platter at Del Giornos. Oysters Kilpatrick and natural, mussels, whiting, calamari and a prawn dish to die for – deliciously fabulous.
Thank goodness there are some challenging walks around to counteract the lunch and the ‘Oyster Trail’ takes us around the foreshore and up to the look out so you see Coffin Bay from every viewpoint.
(Just in case you head this way and do want to get some oysters from the same guy we did: Michael Whillas 0427511389.)

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