Streaky Bay

26/10 – 27/10/2013

We now have our sight seeing hats on again and head just a little down the road to Streaky Bay. Its a lovely drive with hills covered in wheat that is ready for harvest, golden yellow and looks like a good crop, according to Shane. We drive over a hill and there before us is Streaky Bay. It looks just beautiful, spread out before us as we head down into the valley.
There is much to see so we head out along the road to Sceale Bay and enjoy some amazing cliffs and the pounding, surging sea crashing to shore. The Whistling Rocks and Blow Holes are working well – not whistling but flat out roaring as the waves enter caves deep below.
We enjoy a very vigorous walk along Halleys Beach where we do pick up a couple of cuttle fish skeletons – there are literally hundreds of them lining the high tide line.
The flies are also very ferocious and ten times as prevalent as anywhere we have travelled – truly the worst and they seem to like even the most hard core repellent. (Worth getting a net for your hat.) There are also many stumpy tailed lizards everywhere we go, on the road, in the rocks and along the beach paths.
We also went out to dinner at Mocean’s to try some abalone. It tasted just the same as when we cooked it up years ago in Batemans Bay when you could just walk around at low tide and pick them straight of the rocks.
Its been great staying here – the penthouse suite of the caravan park no less – right on the foreshore looking out over the bay, watching the tide go in and out with a quiet beer or two.

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