The Last Leg of the Nullabor


Day 3
Leaving Eucla we leave the trees behind and head across an unchanging scenery. The trucks are back and the wind is also playing havoc with driving. We check out a couple of the look-outs on the way and then all too soon up pops the turn off to the ‘Head of the Bight’. Our fuel consumption has been a little higher so it is a risky business to drive – adding an extra 24ks to our trip. It is well worth it as the views are spectacularly dramatic. The sea surges unrelentlessly into the coast line as if it is trying to reclaim what once belonged to it piece by piece, bit by bit. It is a lovely spot for a break with nice walking paths and the all important toilets – they are few and far between on the Eyre Highway.
The Nullabor ends and trees are once again part of the scenery. The hills are long and continuous but we do make it to the Nundroo Road House and the fuel is very reasonable – something worth remembering. Also the time has changed so we are no longer 3 hours behind, much easier contacting family and friends.
We stop at Penong so we can eat up all our fruit and vegetables before we get to Ceduna and the fruit fly check.
Our Nullabor adventure is over but it was a great experience..

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