Crossing the Nullabor

Day 2
Leaving Caiguna we will have a shorter trip to Eucla and stop at Madura Pass to look out over the Roe plains. Amazing view and this is where the Hampton Tablelands begin.
All we see is the high, rocky wall of the tablelands which is on our left as we drive through the flat plain. The ‘wall’ looks like it is there to protect our borders, a great sentry look out post, almost has a man-made feel about it, like the great wall of china ………… OK it is a long, long straight road your mind does fill with imaginings – well mine does anyway.
We finally catch a view of the sea as we come into Eucla and it is another welcome sight. It is only about 12pm and it is really good to have some time for a good, dust the cobwebs off, walk. We head to the sea and the sand dunes. An old telegraph station ruins can be seen in amongst the dunes, once completely covered, and the building has probably been protected by the covering. From there it is a hurried walk to the beach under the threat of rain but we make it and discover an old jetty that has seen better days with a sign of what a thriving community this would have been.

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