Crossing the Nullabor


Day 1
Our journey across the Nullabor begins and I have to start by saying that it is a great name Null-Abor, no trees – such a lovely sounding name and I think everyone else worked out its meaning long before me – some people just take more time than others. At the beginning there are still plenty of trees but they are starting to thin out and no big glorious gums.
At Balladonia you begin to travel on the ‘longest, straight’ stretch of road in Australia – 90 miles or 145.6 kilometres. Although it does has hills it certainly is what it says.
It is so nice to see the signs to Caiguna and after we set up the van we go to check out the famous ‘blow hole’. I have to say it probably wasn’t as exciting as we thought but glad to have seen it. Most of the blow holes we know are linked to the sea but these ‘holes’ are linked with other holes and caves and it is the wind that blows through them. On the right day the caves ‘breathe’ – today wasn’t the right day.


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