12/10 – 16/10/2013

To our great delight, Esperance brought back the sunshine – the weather has been a little rough.
The first place I really want to check out is a place that makes leather out of fish skin, even carp, called Mermaid Leather. We are set for some surprises as the end product does not smell fishy at all, is quite soft, very strong and has a unique pattern due to the scale imprint. The process is arduous, labour intensive but the owners are incredibly passionate about their product. (For movie buffs they made Captain Nemo’s shark skin coat in the latest remake.)
With the weather being so warm and wonderful we set on the Great Ocean Drive – not to be confused with the Great Ocean Road and again I am left in awe the sights we are so lucky to see. The beaches and cliffs are breathtaking and the council or National Parks have done an amazing job putting in stairs leading down to the sea. The most I counted in was 171 and this day we did over 500 steps, which is really 1,000 as you do go down and up. The bike tracks/walkways are also well done and we do an intensive 6k walk along Twighlight Bay.  Visually it’s very beautiful with rolling waves, crystal clear water, islands framing the horizon and white sandy beaches.
Another sunny day dawns so we decide to do something different….. lets go for a bike ride along the esplanade and out to Bandy Creek. Now, Shane has not ridden a bike he reckons for around 30 years so was more than a little apprehensive. We hired bikes from the Dempster sports shop and away we went. 2 hours later we arrived back and decided it was truly a fantastic way of seeing the coast. Shane enjoyed it very much and, although I loved it too, I did end up with a sore behind.
Esperance has been a lovely place for the wild flowers, beaches, great coffee and free internet at the Dome and very relaxing – I’m sure the fishing is pretty good too but maybe another time.

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