Wave Rock – Kalgarin

10/10 – 12/10/2013

I have been pretty excited about seeing Wave Rock and it is incredible. The rock itself is a large granite outcrop and there are many scattered around the area. I still don’t really understand how it is formed but know it has a lot to do with water, wind and erosion.The rock gets soaked, or the area is flooded, but the top of the rock dries out quickly, while the lower area remains wet or damp, causing this type of formation. It is so much bigger than I imagined and the colours in the rock definitely add to the impact. Early settlers built a dam on the other side with a concrete wall around the top edge to direct the water into the reservoir. Very innovative as there are no natural catchment areas and thankfully no damage to the geological phenomenon. Shane actually makes it to the top of the large granite rock which is no mean feat when you know just how nervous heights make him.
Our next stop is out at the Mulka caves to see indigenous hand prints, gnammas (or drinking holes) and lizard traps. The gnammas are formed in the granite and are surprising deep – bit of a ‘monty python’ moment as if you walked into one of these you would be waist deep in water – very deceiving. The story of the Mulka is a bit like ‘the boogie man’ and talks about a marriage that should not have been allowed between an aboriginal couple. A child was born who was cross-eyed and grew up unable to hunt so, instead, preyed on little children to eat. It was used as a warning to children not to be wondering off much like some of the scarier stories we grew up with.
We have stayed at Kalgarin,Tressies Caravan Park which is about 16k from Wave Rock and a reasonable alternative than the Resort at the Rock.

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