Lake Grace

8/10 – 9/10/2013

Lake Grace – what a lovely name. As usual we head to the Information centre and meet Betty, a real gem, she is full of interesting facts on the history of the town and state as well as lots some very lively stories. You could honestly sit with her for hours and I reckon you would get to know everything about the town. She says that the Lake is spooky and strange things happen around these parts. My favourite story was the one she told when she first came to the area. The lake was completely dry and one night there was a massive lightening storm, no rain, but as the sky lit up she could see water in the lake. She was so excited she thought she would take a picture first thing in the morning but when she got up it was gone – not a drop to be seen. She spoke to a lot of people about this until a geologist said that it sometimes happens that the water underneath will rise during a lightening storm……well I don’t know about these things but it was a good story.
Cambinata Yabbies was also on our check out list and Shane enjoyed the tour of the farm – even though he thought their yabbies were a bit on the small side. They did look pretty plump and it is very well set up. These people could sell snow to the Eskimos, as they can really talk, but it is only because they are very passionate about their product so good on them. Definitely worth looking them up if you around here in October as they do a big 7 course a la carte dinner with a top shelf chef – I got a peek of their menu as it was on a couple of days ago and it looked amazing. (Just for a little teaser: ‘Cambinata’ yabby and vegetables in brick with saffron pistil sauce served with ‘Edengate’ micro greens.)

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