6/10 – 7/10/2013

To do list for today: Climb a mountain, find some falls, walk over giant trees 40m above the ground, walk under a 300 yr old Tingle tree.
With such a big day ahead we set off for a self drive tour first to the Frankland River Circular Pool, so named because the water, after plunging down some fairly decent falls, travels into a a pool and then starts moving in a slow circular motion before it moves on.The first thing we notice is the water is brown like coffee and with the amount of foam being generated makes it look like a massive cup of cappuccino complete with swirls for decoration. (The colour is caused by the leaching of tannins from vegetation breaking down.)
On our way to Mount Frankland we take a quick trip out to the Fernhook Falls which are in full flow- I love a good waterfall and another pool at the bottom full of froth that gets blown up in the air by the wind so looks kind of like a big bubble bath – still coffee coloured water so not very appealing to go for a swim. We were told my the nice lady at the information centre it was a nice easy walk at Mount Frankland with spectacular views that you don’t even have to climb to so off we go but we stumbled across something totally different. The path was good but on a steady incline that got steeper and steeper. Finally it was concrete steps, then metal ladders followed by another 100 or so concrete steps. Shane decided to take a break while I headed to the top where it is blowing a gale. The view is breathtaking on its own – of course with the wind blowing so hard it is literally breathtaking as well. You get the full 360 degrees of hills, mountains and sea. I can definitely see why this was a fire look out station – what a job that must have been. All the way down I am saying that lady at the info centre must not have really been here but then we spy a track to the left – yes this is the one she was talking about. All level and takes you around to a look out that is quite spectacular too – without the climb so I accidentally climbed a mountain!
At last we get to the Tree Top Walk something I have been apprehensively looking forward to. It does not disappoint and so if any one is within a cooee of this place make sure you try to get here. Yes, your legs will feel like jelly, your heart will pound and you end up being 40m above the ground but it truly is an exhilarating rush particularly with every movement the walkway gently sways – just like the tree tops. Needless to say the view is well worth it. We also get to walk through the giant Tingle Trees so you get both aspects – under and over.
Last but not least is the 300 year old Tingle Tree which appears to have suffered through some severe fires and most of the inner tree is gone but as this tree life line is just under the bark the tree survives – this tree measures 24m around its girth making it the largest living eucalypt in the world.
Whew what a day!

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