25/9 – 29/9/2013

We tried to find the free-way to take us through Perth but ended up stumbling along heading towards the outer suburbs. Fortunately half of Perth was out of town urging the Dockers on in Melbourne so the traffic was fairly Light. We made it, more by accident, onto the right roads but sadly I saw nothing of the city at all – Shane was quite delighted about that.
Bunbury seems to be a very busy place with plenty of traffic to navigate through – which is a bit of a surprise. It seems to have a lot to offer the traveller and we end up being in the right place at the right time to join a ‘walk and taste’ tour run by volunteers at the Information Centre. We happily learn some interesting facts about Bunbury, the historical buildings and our first tasting is sausages at Rusticana.

Rusticana - sausages, cheeses, spices - a cooks delight

Rusticana – sausages, cheeses, spices – a cooks delight

They use their own beef, their neighbours lamb and have a shop with everything a food lover would ever want. Later we do go back and get some peeper beef sausages which Shane enjoys for breakfast. Off to The Creamery for a lesson on the difference between Gelato, Sorbets and ice cream – all in the fat! We did enjoy a lovely coffee in here and they have very interesting movie posters.

I have to mention Rose Hotel as it was my maiden name and it is a grand old building still in use today. The Bunbury Tower, commonly known as the ‘milk cartoon’ by locals, is a landmark built by a subsidiary of the Bond Corporation and was designed to look like the front of a ship.

All of the area we are walking in used to be railway yards so it is very impressive to see what they have achieved and to have 4 silos turned into holiday apartments is just  one innovative ideas that changed the landscape.

Beers at Mash, I tried a Snakebite and it was delicious, and then off to Taffy’s.

Peanut Brittle - Taffys

Peanut Brittle – Taffys

This is a real treat as the owner is very passionate about his taffy, chocolates and brittle – so he should be as everything we tried is wonderfully, indulgently delightful. The whole walk was very, very good and I would recommend this to anyone at any town to join in on one if you can.

We enjoy some other walks and particularly the Tuart walk which is a type of tree that was almost logged out of existence – it was a most excellent, oily wood used for buildings, cart wheels and butchers blocks.
Visiting Bunbury has been a treat in many ways and we are particularly impressed with the walkways, tidiness and the variety of shops in the Main Street – not your general run of the mill. We have stayed at the Glade Caravan Park, free Internet and very helpful people so happy to recommend it as well.

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