18/9 – 20/9/2013

I am going to sound very grey nomadish because Geraldton is a very, very reasonable place to stay for accommodation, grog ‘n’ groceries, cheap haircuts (only $25), free WiFi at the library, very good walking tracks and heaps of free stuff to do.  It doesn’t take long on the road to be looking for ways to save money – we have been going for a couple of months now and all the advice you get from other travellers certainly starts rubbing off.
As the walkways are so good we decide to walk into town and back – that’s about 12ks return. Shane likes to add on an extra 2 for our walk around the shops and he also walked in the morning so his kilometre reading is up to around 18. (I cant help but think of my big sis trekking in Nepal doing about 5 hours of walking a day – think we matched her with time but not altitude or incline.) Needless to say we were both fairly worn out and very happy to see our caravan park.
We are staying at Sunset, a suburb of Geraldton, and we are right on the coast so can hear the waves crashing onto the beach, especially at night – lovely for me. The sea has been very rough due to some storms and high winds over the last week forcing the cargo ships away from the port until things clam down a bit. Seaweed is piled up everywhere and the smell is quite pungent. Yes, your normal beachcomber would head for the hills but for me it evokes childhood memories of filling my dads trailer with the smelly stuff so he could put it on his garden. It was crazy but fun because we had to do it on near dark, down a very secluded beach so now I am thinking we probably shouldn’t have been doing it – very clandestine and must have appealed to my rebellious nature.
We do visit the HMAS Sydney 11 memorial park which is very special with a dome made out of 645 seagulls that represent the crew …… all lost at sea. We also see the replica made of a long boat from the wreck of the Batvia which is a dark story of shipwreck, mutiny, rescue and survival.
All in all we enjoyed Geraldton and the people were very friendly.

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