16/9 – 17/9/2013

At first we were met with disappointment coming to Kalbarri and finding out the “natures window” section of the national park is closed :(. Apparently they are rebuilding the road and, although there are tours you can attach yourself to and gain access to the park, we opt for the other less known area that is open for a 10k walk – our most ambitious yet. When we get down to the Murchison River there is no marked trail which causes Shane to have some doubt and lots of nervous trepidation. (Anyone who knows Shane knows what a meticulous planner he is – even his fishing trips are expeditions of great preparation.) We head on regardless, unmarked trekking, very adventuress of us and happily we saw more wildlife on this walk than on any other. The birdlife is remarkable, black swans, ducks, cranes, cormorants, finches in large numbers and we are quite chuffed to identify a Port Lincoln Parrot. We did stop for a lunch break but were pretty pleased that we made it through the 10ks of quite challenging domain – ready for a good nights sleep.
We head to e Rainbow Jungle, the Australian Parrot Breeding Centre, – just amazing and I am not a big fan of birds in cages. It is mainly home to Aussie birds but do have some more exotic birds that are very colourful. They are trying to keep pure breeds going and we are both surprised at how many of our birds are loosing numbers in the wild.
A nice simple stroll along the beach, watching the wild waves relentlessly crashing against the rocks and its home for the rest of the afternoon – still getting over yesterday’s walk.

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