8/9 – 12/9/2013

Coming into Carnarvon is very similar to coming into Mildura. The scrubby little trees and red soil lining the road and it is the fruit food bowl of WA. We had thought to stay here for 3 nights to catch up washing and clean out all the sand we had collected at the last 5 places we had been staying in but we see that the caravan park is advertising ‘pay for 3 nights and stay 4’ – can’t resist a bargain so we will enjoy a longer break.
The town jetty seems like a good place to start, with it being a mile long good exercise too. We also buy some king prawns which, dare I say it, are the best either of us have ever had and I come from the coast! We stock up on delicious crab cakes, prawn burgers and a kilo of prawn meat – we shall eat very well for the next week and we still have our croc burgers to try.
The next day is set aside for the blowholes and Point Quobba. We really didn’t know what to expect so we were literally ‘blown’ away by the blow holes. There would be about 5, 6, maybe more, small blow holes and when they are all working it is better than any man made fountain I have seen. The coast line is rugged and the sea is in full force as it swells and crashes mercilessly against the surrounding cliffs. I am mesmerised and stay there just looking on for quite a while. Finally I drag myself away with the promise of some good snorkelling at Point Quobba. Did I say good, I should have said great! If there was ever a place for safe snorkelling over coral it would have to be here. You could just sit in the water, put on some goggles, put your head face down in the water and watch fish go by. Shane could even see a lot just walking along the waters edge. To the right side of the beach is a place the locals call the nursery and it is alive with fish of some many kinds. Whilst most of the lagoon is shallow, here the water deepens and is like a mini reef, just like Coral Bay but condensed, for one, or two I suppose. There is even more varieties of colours than Coral Bay with some very bright pinks, purples and lime green – that is just the coral. The fish are in abundance and have no fear of swimmers, coming right up to my mask. The cutest of all were these tiny, tiny electric blue fish hanging out on a vivid rust coloured coral. At first they look like part of the coral they are so still but as you get closer they duck down under the coral’s florets and disappear only to peep out again within seconds.
With our ‘extra’ day we decide to do the food trail but only find a couple of roadside stores and a preserves/smoothie place. The fruit looks very nice so we have stocked up on tomatoes, bananas, avocados, beans and corn. We do end up with some chilli sauce and of course we try the smoothies – mmmmm! Shane gets the baby weber out for the first time to try a roast and we enjoy a feast of fresh roasted veggies, pork, lamb and beans.

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