Coral Bay

6/9 – 7/9/2013

Coral Bay is pristine, unspoilt and very beautiful. Shane and I are venturing out in a glass bottom boat to view the coral and hopefully see some fish as well. It is really great value – $39 for Shane and, since I am doing some snorkelling, $55 for me. Before that we had to vote – bit of a downer for me as I really didn’t know who deserved my all important tick of approval. Shane, being ever so helpful, is giving me very strong advice, especially of whom I shouldn’t vote for. He was devastated when we found out we couldn’t do interstate voting here – me …… I could not stop laughing.
As soon as we step into the glass bottom boat we see large snapper already swimming under the boat – extraordinary. On the way out we see coral, a small manta ray and a turtle. Our tour guide educates us on the coral and a co-existent biological organism called Zooxanthellae and how one cannot live without the other. (The only way I remembered that was to say Zuzanne Thialay over in my head until I got to google it.) As the sun is also a factor the corals are mainly pinkish browns, brown with some blue luminous colours. Also most of the corals are hard with soft corals being in the minority. We gently drift over the coral wall known locally as Ayres Rock a huge ‘brain’ or ‘boulder’ coral. The fish are amazing from electric blue, black and yellow, black and white, orange with all the colours in between. The strangest looking are the long thin fish that look like they are from the prehistoric age. Big clams are also a feature with lots of colour – beautiful green. It was amazing to be amongst the fish, even swimming either side of me. Our tour guide explains that this is what can happen when you have a marine sanctuary. Of course Shane’s mouth is almost watering as huge fish glide by. One large brown fish swims by that has the nick name of the ‘mother-in-law – it tastes that bad apparently. The 2 hour tour goes so quickly and I learnt a lot about diving properly. So much fun!
I have to say I was exhausted but we headed out to the local bar to watch Collingwood, who lost, unfortunately, and then enjoy some of that snapper we saw earlier in the day – caught outside the sanctuary zone I hope.
Heading on to Carnavon – spending about 4 nights there to have a bit of rest and relaxation from travelling.

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