2/9 – 5/9/2013

Exmouth – where the locals are friendly – and I totally agree. From the butcher ( I know these guys are usually super friendly), to the IGA check out lady, the cafe who didn’t ask us to move even though it was obviously pack up time, the lady who helped us with the caravan park choices, the information centre staff and finally a young man by the name of Cameron the mechanic. I had headed off to do some snorkelling, something I had not done in many years, so I was a bit nervous and it did not help that people said I should be careful not to get caught up in the currents and washed out to sea! I was going in on what is called a ‘drift’ – where you go in at one end of the beach, go along with the current over the coral and hop out the other end. My first effort was very tentative but did manage to see fish and get used to breathing through the snorkel all the while keeping an eye on where I was in relation to the beach. Still not 100% sure I thought I’d give it another crack. A young fellow asked me how I was enjoying the snorkelling and I said that I wasn’t very good at it and was pretty nervous about the current. He, Cameron, was very helpful explaining how far you could go and even volunteered his mate, Neil, to go out with me. It was the best thing anyone could have done and I was able to enjoy the fish and coral viewing without the stress. I am very grateful for their help – I have my confidence up for Coral Bay now.
We also enjoyed some great walks with the river bed rocks making them quite challenging and watched some whales from the lighthouse lookout. I was exhausted and slept the best I think I have during the whole trip.
As a note for those who like staying in National Parks, there are a variety of places for caravans or tents along the coast but only a few sites, I’d recommend the Lakeside camp site for good shade and a good swimming, snorkelling place.

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