Karinini National Park

29/8 – 2/9/2013

We are skipping over Port Hedland as not much to say except very busy with lots of trucks and dirt everywhere. They are building new suburbs, new roads and new bridges to cater for the mining boom out here – we are moving on fast after stocking up on groceries – of course it may improve in a couple of years.
Karijini National Park is an adventure waiting to happen. We are quite impressed with the information centre and head off to walk Dales Gorge. The trek down is very steep and in places there are no rails, only rocks to scramble over. Quite a challenge for Shane but he did say he was very happy to have experienced it all, even though he worried for 2 hours about how he was going to get back up. This park is by far the prettiest we have seen – I know pretty isn’t really a great word so to be a bit more poetic I would describe it as delicate splendour. Other gorges we have seen have a bold, in your face splendour just to give you an idea of the difference. It just ticks all my boxes, waterfalls, pools, colour, trees, birds and a great walking track – a bit challenging but great fun. I even have a swim at Circular Pool, crystal clear and very refreshing – that means pretty cold! 
Off to Hamersley Gorge for another day trip out and the flowers are really starting to come into bloom – but more on them later. This gorge was a bit more challenging than Dales Gorge as there are no marked paths and I really had to rely on hand holds and good shoes. I get to the 2nd pool and can see where the spa pool is supposed to be but no way of getting to it but swim. I head over, its a bit spooky as it is so deep and all i can see below is the rocks around the edge so i know its a long way to the bottom. The spa pool is worth it – truly perfect – all I need is a glass of champagne. Now I am more determined to get a photo but its a risky business. With a little helpful advice from a couple of fellow adventurers I follow a shelf, just under the water along the opposite side to where I first swam, carrying my camera bag on my head, with my hiking boots on so I can get plenty of grip but have to put up with them being soaked, then carefully clamber over the slanted, shale rocks to get to a spot overhead. It’s a good thing Shane is up the top, sitting in the car reading, as I am quite sure he would be very distraught watching my antics. At least I got my happy holiday snap.
Just a short word on my fellow adventurers – they had decided they would not leave until I got back to the first pool, then another fellow came along and said he would make sure I was ok. When we both got back to the 1st pool and I wanted one last swim he went up to let Shane know I was alright and not far behind – its great meeting people as we go from place to place and even greater when you know they will help keep you safe – even though you don’t really know them – thanks guys!
And the water was lovely – that means very pleasant to swim in. The water coming down into the spa pool was even warm, having travelled through various smaller pools and over the rocks above – absolutely wonderful!

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