80 Mile Beach

27/8 – 28/8/2013

It’s another lovely beach along the West Coast of Australia but no swimming here! The tides are very low and very high with fisher men and women hitting the beach and hour before high tide and staying for a couple of hours until it is well on its way out again. The prize is the thread-line salmon but also catch sharks, the occasional stingray and sea snakes have a presence as well. It is quite a site when you see the extremely long beach, you cannot see from one end to the other, and as far as you can, see roughly 5 metres apart, are people fishing. I only saw one fish after it was caught but it was enough to get everyone excited. The tide coming in is mesmerising as it looks similar to a huge crowd in a big rush for the best seats up the front of the pack, tumbling over each other in the rush. Within minutes of standing on dry sand the oncoming waves, which are small, gentle but persistent, are soon lapping at my ankles.
Our biggest challenge here has definitely been the mobile phone service. Each time you need to call, message or put up a blog you have to head to the sand dunes between the beach and the caravan park. Even then you have to be lucky and often just when I have given up and heading back to camp it happens. It’s all about standing in the exact right spot, making sure your facing northeast, holding the phone in a slight upward tilted slant and, of course, have your tongue in the correct position! (In your cheek in this case.)
We still just prefer walking along the beach and collecting shells – yes for all you westpacians your intrepid leader, the guru of applications, the analyser of deals extraordinaire, the workaholic and ‘the boss’ is happily strolling along the beach picking up interesting colourful shells, his biggest ‘priority’ being cowrie shells, and loving it!

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