21/8 – 24/8/2013

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Broome and we hope to be getting into the Roebuck Bay caravan park. There a few hopeful candidates parked with their caravans waiting but we end up being one of the lucky ones that can get a site. For us Broome is a place to re-stock, have a look at things from the book ‘tears of the moon’ and relax a little. I am very excited to have booked a whale watching trip and also to see the famous ‘staircase to the moon’. The first night for the big moon event is early, 5:45pm, and, as the sun has barely gone down, a little too bright to get the whole effect, the 2nd night is perfect, 7pm, but I’m a little unhappy with the focus I get on the moon and unfortunately the 3rd night8pm, there is so much smoke in the sky you don’t get to see it until it is already halfway up. Anyway it was extraordinary to be there to see it in person.
Beagle bay is about 100ks from here but takes about an hour and a half by dirt road. We are headed that way to see a church featured in the book Tears of the Moon. It is well worth it and you can see the love that has gone into building this beautiful church,decorated with mother of pearl and paintings. On the way home we find a place called Banana Wells and it is a great little off the road caravan park – mmm maybe next time. There are photos of huge mud crabs caught here that take Shane’s eye so we may come back here some day after all.
In the morning we check out the lighthouse and the coastline is rugged with sharp, crumbly rocks. The water is so blue and I can see the Catarmaran, Karma IV, I’ll be going on in just a few hours moored in the bay – very excited!
Whale watching is quite an art but the excellent crew of Karma IV are on the job and it is quite surprising that we have only just gone a short way before we see a mother with her calf. It’s a great start and we do see many more whales on the 5 hour cruise. Some up close and some off in the distance. Unfortunately the ones that was jumping out of the water or ‘breaching’ were some distance away so just had to sit back and enjoy – nowhere near close enough for photos – still an amazing afternoon cruising around seeing turtles, sea snakes, dolphins and of course whales, what else would you want to be doing?

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