Fitzroy Crossing

16/8 – 17/8/2013

What a difference a day makes. We are now at Fitzroy Crossing and this park is top shelf – pool, grass, trees and plenty  of room. It is quite a small world when you find the place you pull into has people from Mildura at the back of us and beside us and close by there are people from Dubbo. Although we don’t know them we seem to know a lot of the same people and our children had even worked together at the Mildura Base Hospital – interesting stuff.
We decide to have another boat trip into another gorge and find it very interesting too. Apparently the fresh water crocs are starting to get frisky so instead of seeing one lone crocodile they are hanging out in pairs. The gorge itself was an old Barrier Reef type of set up growing over millions of years, even building itself up when the water rose but then the earth plates moved and up out of the water it went – just for us to come and look at today. The crossing is also where the Margaret river comes into the Fitzroy and this has caused a natural damming effect which keeps the Fitzroy river reasonably full, waiting for the next wet season. Our walk along the river is pretty tough going as the track is mostly sand but worth seeing the cliffs up close.
A nice dip in the pool, which is quite cold, a cold beer at the bar and drinks with the neighbours ends our time here – off to Derby.

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