19/8 – 20/8/2013

We reach Derby and it is one of the longest towns we have been to that is as small as it is. There are not too many things to see here but as it is the end, or the beginning depending on where you start, of the Gibb River Road the town is quite busy with campers. People here seem very friendly and very helpful to make the most of your stay here. Even the fellow at the bottleshop is keen to point out some local sites which includes the ‘dinner tree’ which is a great place to take photos at sunset. 
At about 4:30pm Shane reckons we ought to start the walk to the wharf to see the sunset there but I’m thinking it is way too early. I end up going along with him but expecting a long wait, lucky for us we did. In fact what should have been a leisurely 2k stroll ended up being a power walk just to make it. We almost had to jog just to get there on time. It was all worth it and as I sat on the edge of the wharf with my legs over the side, some 13 foot from the water below, I felt like I was sitting on the edge of the world. The sun goes down in spectacular fashion with lots of people around to watch, take photos and sip champagne to mark the occasion.
The next day we check out the prison tree, where they used to put young aboriginal men before taking them to Broome to work on the pearling boats, and we also see the longest watering trough in the Southern Hemisphere. We follow this up with a walk around the botanical gardens and find out how the people of this area used the trees and plants in the past. This sunset I suggest we head to the Dinner Tree as I have been wanting to get a very specific photo of the sun going down behind a Boab tree – I love these trees and have had my eye out for an opportunity since we arrived at  Kunanurra. Shane has already done quite a lot of walking due to having to get the car looked over so is not overly keen but also doesn’t want me going on my own. He really did put himself out as we left earlier, at 4pm to give us plenty of time, and had to wait half an hour before the sun went down. He was ready to go after that but not I.  It takes another 15 minuets for what i call the after burn and the sky lights up bright orange so he has to ‘cool his heels’ for a little longer. I love the photos I did manage to take, and hope you do too, but it did mean heading home in darkness – thanks Shane. We enjoy some amazing barramundi from the Windmill Cafe – best yet! Broome tomorrow.

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