Things that go bump in the night.


With Kunanurra now behind us we get to Warmun, which is a road house near a very small town, it is peaceful and quiet as we settle in for the night. We are just falling asleep when we feel a bump, causing the caravan to rock a little, and I think that maybe someone had been too lazy to walk around our car and van so had gone across the tow bar. Then I hear what could be mooing quite close by. Upon opening the curtains I can see cows, calfs and a big looking bull in the camp site next to us and in the picnic area nearby, they are all over the place – how crazy is that! They slowly go into the back of the caravan park, grazing as they go, before eventually leaving in a bit of a hurry – I think the owner of this place may have moo-ved them on.

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