9/8 – 12/8/2013

When you book a tour you really wonder if you are going to get your money’s worth, it looks good and is highly recommended but you still wonder. As we climb aboard the bus it fills with about 50 others who probably feel the same as us. we are not disappointed and If you come up this way the tour down the Ord River should be on your list of things to do  – another amazing journey. Learning about the damming of the Ord River and what it has meant to the overall environment is fascinating and the tour guides are extremely passionate about the town and the river. The dam holds 20 times more than the Sydney harbour and reached a capacity of 40 times that during the big wet in 2011. Wild life is everywhere we see so many fresh water crocodiles, bird life, a fruit bat colony, rock wallabies and are very fortunate to see a Jabiru  ( black face stork) as well as a magnificent osprey going fishing – unfortunately for him he missed his prey, lucky for the fish i suppose. To finish off the trip our guide stops the boat to watch the sun slip below the hills seeming to melt into the Ord River, another high point before we head for home. 
The next day we travel to Wyndam and we are a little disappointed, the town seems to be run down but we do have one of the best coffee’s and a lovely home made sausage roll at the bush cafe. (Apparently we missed the turn off to the aboriginal rock art – but sinage is not the best) On the way back we drop in at the Grotto, the creek running into it is dry so the grotto is green and not very appealing for a swim – I think this would be amazing if the water was flowing. A last ditch effort to find something to really enjoy we head down the Gibb Road to Emma Falls/Gorge. We nick named our walk ‘the Off Road Walk’ as it starts off nice and easy but before too long you hit sand, rocks, boulders and streams. As we stumble, climb, navigate stepping stones across creeks and try to follow the path we are rewarded with a beautiful rock pool. Then it’s a bit of a climb, more stumbling when you come to the end of the gorge. It is breathtaking! A large pool of water with water slowly cascading over the the cliffs above. It is well worth it, very special. (i thought I’d left my sunglasses behind so I get to do the last part twice only to find they were in a bag left with Shane. I certainly got my exercise today. 
We return to listen to live music by Peter Grandy, very relaxing by the lake, hearing his stories of growing up in the Kimberly’s is just the way to end the day.
Our last day in Kunanurra is spent getting an airbag added to the suspension to make for better towing and 4 wheel driving, catching up with Shane’s work mate from Swan Hill, swimming and enjoying some barramundi, crocodile spicey roll and chips. It’s been a warm 36 – just lovely. Ready for the Bungle Bungles.

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