At the border – Western Australia


Our journey to the next town of Kunanurra will take us over the Western Australian border and is about 516k. I had read that the scenery is particularly good but it is much more than that. We were both wishing we had put in an overnight stay at least just to look at the beauty of the cliffs, hills and river, going past in the car was too fast. We are in the Gregory National Park and as we had not heard much about it we were very surprised – unfortunately, we are already booked in at Kunanurra so onward we go. We are quite excited to see our first Boab tree and both of us keep pointing them out until it is just silly – they are everywhere, even at the caravan park we are staying at.
This caravan park is probably the best yet, and we even get to enjoy a musician playing down by the lakes edge, with frogs, birds and other little creatures of the night joining in. A guest appearance by a didgeridoo player finished off the night beautifully. (Have to thank our son for picking this one out for us.)
Now we have almost tried everything for our caravan by setting up the hoses – which is fantastic! Why didn’t we do that before??? It all goes well for a first possible ‘free’ camp. We still haven’t used the shower – yes we do shower just using the parks at the moment.

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