5/8 – 7/8/2012

Katherine is definately a must see place and after a brief look around the national park, a short walk, Shane and I decide to book in for a boat tour and I opt to go on the guided walk and talk with the Ranger.  
We catch up with Karen and Glen over the next couple of nights, some friends who have moved here from Mildura. Lots of laughs and catching up to do and the promise of a longer stay next time.
Its going to be around 32 today so I pack plenty of water for my 2 hour hike and its great listening about what type of birds, trees, bushfire management, crocodile management and how much he loves his job. One of the things I found interesting was the Calendar tree. The Aboriginals used it to check up on the salt water crocodile. When the tree is in flower the crocs are getting ready to lay eggs by digging in the sand to see if it is the right temperature, when the pods are formed it means they have laid their eggs so they can harvest them, when the pods turn brown then it means the eggs are hatching so another easy feed.
Shane and I then head down river by boat and it is just amazing. Every bend you go around brings another view that leaves you in awe – hard to describe and very hard to capture on film. We learn that the Aboriginals used the trees/bushes along the river for a mosquito repellant, fish catchers, water carriers and torches. In the wet season the whole area is flooded and the smooth water turns into rapids, thats when the salt water crocodiles move in. Not to worry they usually catch the ones that get caught and transport them to Darwin – mind you the ranger says he never swims in the river, never. We get our first look at a fresh water croc and I reckon its pretty decent size, sunning himself on a rock. It is crazy to me but someone is swimming opposite and I have to say there is no way I would swim anywhere with something that big with so many teeth.
There are still many things to see but we have saved them for another time   – always a good thing so you look forward to coming back – and more adventures await……..

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