Mataranka Springs

3/8 – 4/8 2013

Mataranka was a bit of a surprise package with beautiful walks along the Roper River. At 1pm we wander down to see the Barramundi fish feeding and learn quite a lot about the life cycle.They all start off male and move up the fresh water rivers to grow before returning to salt water where some of the fish become females and breed. The fish we are feeding are all males and share the pond with black brim which Shane reckons looks OK too. I have a go at feeding the big one they call one eye and it simply comes up to the food (pilchards) opens its mouth causing a vacuum and sucks the offering inside before swimming away. 
We were a bit ambitious heading off on a 4.7 k walk to Mataraka Falls and get about half way before realising we will not have nearly enough time. On the way there is one section of the walk that is inundated with butterflies. It is almost magical watching them flutter all around us. I go for a swim in the river – (no crocs) and the water is cool, crystal clear and very refreshing. We of The Never Never was filmed here and you can still see the replica homestead that was built at the time. There are hot springs too and we go for a quick dip at the ones called Rainbow Springs before heading back for a lovely dinner of barramundi, chips and salad. Next morning we have a relaxing swim at Bitter Springs and it is wonderful and the best of a the springs. Still kept much in its natural state, unlike the other one which has been concreted into a pool, and it really was a great way to start the day before heading to Katherine. Next trip we definitely plan to stop there again.


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