Keeping our cool.

Just when I think we are getting better at this camping business something else happens – we plug in our caravan, switch to 240v and the fridge doesn’t work. We try other power points, switching it back to the car (still works on that), switch everything completely off to start all over and eventually opt of gas – it works fine. We hunt down fuse boxes, the fridge manual but nothing helps at all. After 2 nights we start to get serious, Shane starts looking in cupboards for the right fuses and then I open the cupboard door under the sink and find the power cords – most basic of basics the power point is off. Something must have bumped against it in our travels and flicked the switch so always go back to the first rule – is it turned on at the switch!

2 thoughts on “Keeping our cool.

  1. Ken and Peta

    Hi Janice and Shane, have been regularly reading your blog and it sounds like you are having a fantastic time.
    We have finally picked up our van and towed it from Melb to Hay, good learning experience. We are currently in North QLD after heading up to Townsville to keep Sam company and to move her and her new husband into their new house. Nicholas has been away for 2 weeks on a major army exercise. We did not brig the van this time. When we get back to Hay we will do a practise run to Canberra for a week to catch up with our other 2 children. We head off on our big trip next year, which will follow a similar track to yours.

    You must tellies how to set up a blog, it is a great idea.

    Take care and be safe.

    Ken and Peta

    1. peakesj6 Post author

      Great to hear from you and love the feed
      back. Enjoying our trip very much – it’s an amazing country. Blogging is easy just Google how to blog. This one is pretty good, you can get free ones or pay but they are very reasonable. It gives me a record but also helps family and friends to keep up with is – plus I
      love writing and photography. Good to hear all your news, safe travels and stay in touch


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