Travel Musings

Travel Musings

I may get into a little trouble over this but this has kept coming up and I wonder if others have come up with the same result. I have recently been on a bus tour through Thailand which has backed up my theory. It is a toilet thing so please feel free to tune out as necessary. When travelling I have found that if a female comes across a toilet, preferably clean, she will take advantage of the situation – even if she doesn’t really feel she has to go, she will go. Where as males do not. He will walk away from the best of facilities only to find that, often within 5 – 10 minutes, he wants to go and it has to be now.  When it is asked, why didn’t you go at the hotel, the shopping centre, at home before we left you get the reply “well I didn’t need to go then.” In their defence they do have more useful equipment for just going where ever within reason but I do feel a little like I now have to ask, before we go anywhere, “do you have to go?”

One thought on “Travel Musings

  1. sylgreg

    Greg said “haven’t you done anything more interesting than go to the toilet?” …. And mum says the dr says not to go unless you need to because its not healthy. As a fellow traveller I like to go to a toilet!!! So I will go just in case.
    Couldn’t see the photos you put on over the last couple of days are u doing them differently


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