Lost Marbles

1/8 – 3/8

We are stopping at a place called Wauhope which is only a few kilometres from the devils marbles. After we set up camp we head out to have a look. The rock formations are amazing and we learn about how they really are just the tip of the iceberg – so to speak. The rocks are made up of a variety of substances including clay. The clay being the weaker component is worn away by wind a water causing the round rocks. Under the surface there is still one massive rock in one piece and all these domes and ‘marbles’ were, and some still are, joined to it. (I still kinda like the story of giants emptying out their marble bags ready to play.) Some of the boulders split in half caused by the rain finding a way in via a small crack which wears away the clay, reacts with the minerals within the rock and then it simply splits in half. It is a site important to the Aboriginals but it seems it has bad spirits who live under the rocks that will lead them away to a place they will never return. We wait until sunset, raise a beer to our son for his birthday and see how the sun reflects on the stones as it goes down. Shane declares that he finds this place more enthralling  than the Olgas!

We head off after a bit of a bad night, not going to mention unmentionables but someone had to take several trips to the quite distant conveniences. It shouldn’t have been a long day, as we planned to just go a little over  300 ks, but unfortunately the caravan park/road house, that we had our sights set on, had closed down. That meant another 100ks which isn’t a lot , under normal circumstances we would do it easy, but we were very tired and so very happy to see the sign to Dunmarra only 5 ks and that there were still sites left. These roadhouse/caravan parks are very basic, usually having showers toilets and some powered sites. Occasionally, like this one they have grass but most are dirt or stones. The roadhouses have petrol, food, sometimes a rough restaurant and bar. They cost anything from $18 – $25 for a powered site and although tonight we will have an early night most people like to have a chat and get the low down on you – where are you going? Where are you from? Everything else always starts from there.
In the morning the lure of home made pies is too much so we indulge in one for breakfast. My dad will appreciate this as one of the things he learnt early about Shane is that he would always offer to get the morning paper and enjoy a couple of meat pies on the side. I do have to say they were delicious, nice soft chunks of meat with a thick rich gravy so if you are travelling this way try a pie from the Dumarra Roadhouse – good for breakfast!

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