Maiden Voyage

Our maiden voyage

There is a sense of excitement and anticipation as we are finally off on our trip. I nearly want to shout out loud we are doing it, at last we are actually on our way. Of course it is only short leg as we are only going to Mildura so not too much should happen.
Alas, I spoke too soon.
We pull into Balranald for lunch and for the first time in about 6 months I decide to have a good old Aussie meat pie with sauce. It was delicious but while I was washing it all down with my iced coffee I noticed I had chipped a tooth. Great! At least I managed to get into the dentist tomorrow.
We chose the easiest of caravan parks to get into, and close where we are getting it serviced, but that didn’t stop us looking like Ma and Pa Kettle trying to get the van into the right spot, twice around the block, lots backing, shuffling around, 20 minutes later and we are in. Alas the caravan is on an awkward looking angle and looks out of place but we had to do that to get the jockey wheel under far enough. (Thats our excuse anyhow.) After putting down the legs it’s time for me to set up the tv. The instructions are hopeless, of course I blame them, but finally got it together. I wound up the aerial but only gave it a couple of winds just in case I had to pack it all away. Had to organise a screw in part for the aerial outlet on the tv and, hurray, it worked with a lovely clear picture. We go outside quite happy with ourselves and our neighbour comes over and says – “maiden voyage eh?”. With the van sitting on an angle, while others are nice and straight, and the aerial not up straight it did look very funny – still it’s a start.

Tooth is now fixed, even if it is only temporary, caravan is serviced and we are set for our trip – I think!

2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. sylgreg

    You will be experts in a few days I bet! Hope your tooth doesn’t put you off having a meat pie and iced coffee my favourite travelling lunch – take care x

    1. peakesj6 Post author

      Not so sure about that. Ran out of petrol today but we are carrying an extra 20 litres in containers so thank goodness for that. In cooper Pedy tonight the sunset was beautiful and I hear the stars are amazing. No it probably won’t put me off the pies either – it couldn’t have been that lol.


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