Leaving Moulamein

22 July 2013

Leaving Moulamein and heading to Mildura.
It has been a busy couple of days getting everything ready and very sad this morning when we said goodbye to our daughter.
It has been good to re- visit this old town and I did go and check one of the new tourist attractions – The big Tree. Of course it isn’t ‘new’ as it has been here for years – just didn’t have its own car park, seats and I’m sure it wasn’t photographed nearly as much as it is now. It is big and very wide and it is a nice stroll along the river.
We had a good night at the Tattersall’s hotel on Friday night and caught up with China who is still trying to get details on Shane’s best yabby spots from 26 Years ago!
We shared a beer and a few laughs as we reminisced of times past. He is on most committees around the town and has gone from a teenage larrikin to being a bouncer at local football events.
I am very happy about the yabby races still going strong – although now it is called the Easter Festival and money raised goes to all local charities and schools. I was there at its most humble beginnings when the butcher wanted an event to put Moulamein on the map. The yabby races were born. We had no money to buy things so had to be very creative for our raffle and a local fisherman volunteered to get us a Murray Cod around 10 – 15 pound – guaranteed! I wasn’t sure how he would do but we all went ahead selling raffle tickets to eager buyers. When it was getting closer I got very nervous and finally saw him to ask how it was going with the fish as everyone said they had gone off the bite. He just gave me a cheeky wink and said “she’ll be right”. Sure enough on the Saturday morning the doorbell rings, quite early, so I stumble out of bed. There at the door on a bed of ice was a freshly caught Murray Cod, cleaned and looking spot on 15 pounds. With Confest (a camp for more alternative people and clothes are optional) now at Easter time the place really gets going and its a great day with loads of things to do. Yabby races are still the main event but with foot races, stalls and fantastic food I hope it will be going for many years to come.
So farewell Moulamein – we will be back!

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