17 July 2013

Back in Moulamein and its quite cold compared to Thailand – as you would expect.
I was a bit worried my husband might have bought one of the places for sale while I was away as he really enjoyed being back here and is quite relaxed – pretty good for him.
26 years ago we called Moulamein home for almost 3 years and arrived with 3 children, one just a new baby, made wonderful friends, struggled with the manual telephone system and got involved with the community very quickly. Its that kind of place as you are welcomed with open arms and treated like a local as soon as you move in. Now it feels like we have come full circle as our daughter who began her school life here is now a teacher at the local school. Anyway it is a good place to start our Aussie trip from and great to re- visit this town we once called home as well as the added bonus of spending time with our daughter.
It is good to see that a lot of things haven’t changed – you can still find someone to chat to at the bar of the Tattersall’s hotel and the place is as friendly as ever. Shops may have closed but you can still get a great pizza at the local cafe and most of your supplies like groceries and petrol.
During the time we lived here a lovely local lady decided to open up a small cafe, a place you could sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee, delicous light lunches and slices all home made. She is now helping out the footy/netball club, still cooking, but the cafe, after some changes over a few years, is now a gallery where you can see paintings or photography by some local artists and still get a good cuppa.
Everyone that knows my hubby knows that his favourite past time is fishing and there are plenty of spots for that. He tries them all; the Edwards River, the Billabong Creek, Lake Moulamein and loads of channels and dams. He and our son keenly head off with fishing rods in hand, bait, including cubed cheese, and a fish holder – for all the intended catch, to all of his favourite spots. When a mate joins them a good sized Murray Cod was caught so that livened things up a bit. Sadly for the rest of our son’s break that was it. Still Shane’s enthusiasm was never dampened and he did manage a nice perch a week later. He is planning a couple more expeditions before we hitch up the wagon and head west.
We do plan to be back here for the Moulamein races in December, which we have returned to every year since leaving. Something always happens on race day even if the races get called off due to rain as it was one year after the 1st or 2nd race – cant quite remember. What I do remember was the racing didn’t stop with some of the crowd deciding to get in on the fun and organise some interesting foot races, men dressed as ballerinas dancing there way down the track was probably the most memorable. Or the time it was so hot people starting swimming in the dam, someone made a whole heap of money selling water pistols and nobody minded getting squirted until someone decided to use ice water!

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