Thailand Day 20


Leaving Thailand and I am sad to farewell our lovely guide Napas even though I am looking forward to returning to Australia.
It is a warm start but we also know it will be – 5 degrees in Melbourne so dressing is impossible.
we leave at 8am to take into account traffic and other unforeseen disasters that could get in the way of getting us to the airport on time – nobody wants to be left behind. it is the first time I have seen the traffic here something normal and we end up taking just half an hour. We wait and this will be the order of the day, moving, waiting, moving waiting.
We arrive in Melbourne at 4:45am. Now just 2 hours in the bus and 3 hours in the car and we will be home.
It sure is nice to be home, showered, fed and with the family – sharing lots of memories of our trip.
Best Comment: There is just no-one that speaks English around here.
Favourite joke for the group: She just likes a little prik (Thai word for chilli)
Favourite obsession: The electricity lines.
Worst Experience: The toilets!
Best Experience: Eating Whole crumbed prawns at a real Thai restaurant on the beach.
What I wouldn’t do again: Travel on a train for 20 hours.
What I would do again: Everything else
What I wanted more of: Walks, waterfalls and wildlife.
What did I want to do but didn’t: Rooftop bar
What didn’t I expect I would do: Eat a cricket.
Most interesting: Learning about Buddhism, the culture and the history from the Thai people.
Travelling in a group certainly created challenges and some interesting times. We did share some great laughs, learnt a lot about each other and enjoyed some very moving times. I would now feel much more confident in travelling OS and lots of the “scare” tactics about travelling to Thailand were just not true – yes be careful but not paranoid, be prepared but keep everything to a minimum, learn some of the language the rewards are amazing and it is appreciated. Some places you can trust the ice and drinks just use your common sense so you can enjoy the experience!
stayed tuned for more blogging as we head around Australia…………

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