Thailand Day 19


Last day in Thailand and I am still lounging around in my PJ’s enjoying the Internet access. Those that are more adventurous have gone some different ways. Our Aussie Thai friend is very excited to be able to get her birth certificate, something we take for granted, but has to travel 2 hours back towards Pattaya. 3 others opt to go with them but the rest of us decide to take it easy to be ready for our big flight home. my daughter spends some time around the streets near our motel to seek out the pork buns/dumplings that we have come to love. At around 11:30 4 of us head to the subway and to our favourite shopping mall – Terminal 21, thats the one with the fancy loo’s! Just in case any of us do get lost we check out our station and note that we have to head toward ‘Bang Sue’ something we are quite sure we can remember. Unfortunately our massage place is booked out but we still find some good things to spend our money on. It is good knowing this is our last day and we can spend, spend, spend. this shopping centre is a good option for anyone. although prices are a little dearer than markets people are still willing to,give discounts and prices are still much cheaper than home. There is a large variety of restaurants, a cinema and you can get photos printed very quickly. also plenty of pampering, good quality gifts and good coffee.
We have had a lovely day. On our return it is time to open our Mangostein Wine, locally made in Thailand, to celebrate our last night. It is then decided we take the bus driver and our tour guide out to dinner – sounds simple doesn’t it. Alas this was not the case. I would have hoped that people may have been able to go a little outside their comfort zone and eat food that our Thai guests would want to eat but we still had to find a place that had Australian as well! After about 10 restaurants we finally come to one that everyone can agree on. Everyone goes home in Tuk Tuk, with only 3 passengers in each we need 4 of them but they are heaps fun. 
Tomorrow  we will meet for breakfast for 1 last serve of Pork Buns.

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