Thailand Day 11

We all gather at the Bridge at the river Kwai and walk along the tracks to appreciate the many sacrifices made to build it and take in the view. A floating restaurant, temples and accommodation line the banks – a kind of tribute to those who come to pay their respects.. It is such a privilege to be here and see what an amazing feat of engineering this railway to Burma is and very sobering to know the losses of human lives involved.

We catch the train on this historic railway that will take us passed the farming areas and scenery that is so picturesque, so rich and green with a back drop of a mountain range which adds another dimension.

As we reach the steepest part of the track the train slows to just 20 k’s ph – on one side is the river and on the other the rock face so close you cannot put your hand outside of the train without brushing against it – all which has been cut into by shear hard labour. How did they do it?

We come to a cave where the prisoners had to walk back to after a full days work with little respite from the intense heat – even inside the cave is hot, smelly and humid.

We head back to our accommodation a little quieter than usual. It is pleasant change to stop at the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, a tranquil place to rest and gather our thoughts – again I am reminded of the beauty of this part of the country as opposed to the cruelty inflicted to make it even possible that I can be here.

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