Thailand Day 10

We had to hit the road early today so we headed for breakfast. You need to be care ful what you ask for as I wanted poached eggs on toast – instead of the usual fried. Out came one boiled egg cut in half with 2 slices of toast – it looked crazy sitting on my plate! It makes everyone laugh but it did still taste good. We spend 8 hours in the bus only stopping for petrol, food and other necessities. We do enjoy some road side pineapples – you really haven’t eaten pineapple until you have it like this, so sweet, so juicy and so delicious. Some beans in their pods are hanging up called Sathur Beans used when cooking meat or prawns in soup. they are quite strong and like asparagus comes out in your urine the next day.

When we reach kanchanaburi we go to the first of the cemeteries from the building of the Burma railway – The Kanchanaburi War Cemetary 1939 – 1945. It is very hard to see all the graves and how young the soldiers were – so far from their homelands representing many different countries. A sobering fact is that 15,000 POW’s died but 100,000 civilians from Thailand and Burma also died building the railway – something I learned today.

We head out to dinner and our driver shares his soup with me – just a very small bowl but boy does it pack some punch – very soon I am red in the face asking for a milkshake. Thank goodness it didn’t take too long to cool my mouth down but I won’t trust him again!

A couple of days ago I saw some pink eggs at a market and asked if they were for girls or something but these special eggs are put into mud for 100 days taken out and then washed and cooked. Inside they are black and apparently go well with beer! They are coloured pink so as not to get them mixed up with the fresh ones.

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