Thailand Day 9

The Prawn Farm

Now a lot has been said about prawn farms in Thailand but after seeing this one I may have changed my mind – if the prawns come from places like this it would be OK. the prawn growing area takes up about 4 Hectares. Prawns are fed according to their stages of growth starting with plankton, fish oil, pellets and vitamins. the ones here were about 25 days old and take between 3 and 4 months to reach maturity. Depending on the market they are sold – a good market price means they are kept and feed longer. the water is continually aerated and de-contaminated with organic mix that smells a little like molasses. To harvest the prawns the water is let out through a channel with nets set up at the end to catch the prawns. the area is then treated with Chlorine which takes about 3 days but other stuff can be used if a quicker turn-over is necessary. Then the whole process starts again.

Close by is a very much revered area set aside to remember Krom Luang Chumphon the father of the Royal Thai Navy. The story goes that when he died the people wanted to put a navy frigate at the place where he died. 300 people turned up to pull the ship up onto dry land but could not move it. Some of the people left but over 200 stayed and that night had a dream about Krom giving them strength. The next day they pulled up the vessel to its final resting place.

In the afternoon we enjoy a relaxing swim and rest under the shade at White Beach, followed by markets and I enjoy some lovely banana rotti for dinner.

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