Thailand Day 8

Interesting fact: It is the year 2556 in Thailand.

Today we have a long trip to Chumphon so we decide to go to a national park which is about half way to stretch our legs and see a waterfall.The Nam Tok Huai Yang park is a beautifully kept place – no rubbish and very well looked after. Although it is humid to enjoy a real walk is great, seeing butterflies, fish and wonderful waterfalls. At one point we see clothing left on trees and 2 store dummies next to a small temple. This is for the spirits that look after the park so they will have something to wear. Can’t have any nude spirits roaming around!

We are all quite hungry and head to a “service centre” but no macdonalds and no English sub titles on the food. It is quite scary to order but I decide on some soup with a bit of seafood in it as it is all cooked in front of you in boiling stock. When it comes out it looks like there are square thin slices of liver on top so that did put me off – I only ate the things I could recognise. Later I find out it was red bean jelly – ah well better safe than sorry.

At last we arrive and find our accommodation – a bit of a let down as although roomy, air con good the place needs a good scrub.

Our Aussie Thai meets up with her cousin and he takes us to one of his favourite eating places. Along the way we stop and look at some sand sculptures that were made in March this year. They represent different places around the world with Singha beer being one of the sponsors. Our restaurant is a little place on the beach and I order fried shrimp with rice. When I am served it comes out with the whole shrimp, head shell and all crumbed in rice crumbs and deep fried. I try it and it is delicious so I ate it all! With 2 bottles of Chang beer to wash it all down it only comes to 240 bht. About $7 aus

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