Thailand Day 7

I have been in Thailand for 1 week already – the time is flying but with so many things to see and do it seems longer.

Today we leave our luxurious accommodation 😦 – our driver thinks we will make it in time to see a train crossing. I know – it didn’t sound very exciting to me either until I found out why. The train comes through the city of Smauk Song Ksrah 3 times a day which is a fairly normal thing except in this city there are markets and stalls along the railway track so everything has to get out of the way. A warning bell sounds twice before we see the train coming up the track just as the overhead tarps are taken off to the side and the sale items moved. As soon as the train passes everything goes back to how it was in a matter of moments – very bizarre.

On our way to Hau Hin we visit an unusual Buddha temple. It has been all been built into a natural cave. First we have to contend with the monkeys that come running towards our van making screechy noises and appearing aggressive. A man with a long stick comes over and shoos the monkeys away assuring us we are safe and can get out of the bus. It is only when a truck comes out to feed them some fruit that we finally venture out.

Some of us go into the temple with our driver. He does not know very much English but he takes us through the rituals of a Buddhist. In side the cave is a reclining Buddha, monks, caretakers and lots of smaller statues. It is called Khao Yoi Cave and well worth a look. We are blessed and string is put on our arms for luck and good health. One of my travel buddies has to tie it on me as the monks cannot touch a female.

The others stayed and learned about the monkeys. the controllers are volunteers and can call out the monkeys. There are 2 groups of monkeys living here and only one group at a time can come out or they will fight.

we are happy to reach our destination, a lovely stroll along the beach, markets with wonderful rotti bread, condensed milk and bananas. To top it off we enjoy a lobster brushed with garlic and grilled over coals – around $22 aus