Thailand day 6

Breakfast is served, eggs, toast, juice and I decide to try some special health tea – ginger plus some other dried herbs/spices – apparently it is good for the tummy. It is very nice and refreshing and I think I just might try to buy some before I leave for home.

it is time to go to the floating markets, the drivers of the boats certainly have their favourite shops where they probably get a cut from the profits. Bargaining can be difficult but be prepared to walk – or in our case drive away. i saw a shot glass with singha beer and asked how much – she says 450 – I think she is crazy and say no way, no more than 100 she says no and I say I don’t want it and the man says yes! It doesn’t always work out like this as we have found some people in Thailand barter and some people don’t.

Our trip to the markets includes a look of how they make palm sugar. They collect the sap in metal containers and then it goes through a 3 pot boiling process before being put into moulds to cool down.

Off to see some spectacular wood carving at the Royal Thai Wood Carving Centre. Words cannot really describe how amazing the craftsmanship is at this place. The carvers come from the north of Thailand and they are patient and respectful of the wood. Buddha representations are very popular as are the elephants. Some of the carvings take years.

At night we return to the markets as some are keen to try some street food. Our guide shows us what is a safe – mostly the pots that are boiling away constantly. We try the beef, fish green curry but discovered we didn’t like the fish very much – maybe we are to used to chicken. The cook is not offended but brings over a chicken dish to try – it would be rude to refuse and it was delicious but it is served cold. I didn’t know that until I had put it in my mouth – was a bit worried but stomach ok so far.

Hua Hin tommorrow

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