Thailand Day 5

Our long trip back through Bangkok to reach Ta Luang, Damnoen Saduak. Our driver says 5 hours but the traffic is horrendous and we end up taking 8. 😦 The driver had to do some very tricky driving when he went down the end of a small dead end street with a small roundabout. Unfortunately many cars were parked which meant he had to go back, forwards, back forwards so many times until we could get out. A police man is directing traffic at the corner and the driver leans out and says a whole lot of stuff in Thai – we find out he is telling him to go and give them tickets! It is the first time I see him upset ever!

We pass by lots of farming areas but Guava and Coconuts seem to be the most popular. The country we are heading towards is known for making palm sugar.

Our accommodation is very peaceful set amongst the coconut palms on the edge of a canal with absolutely no traffic except for the boats that are going to and from the floating markets.

our dinner out is a popular local restaurant on the main canal. We park the bus and begin our walk down a narrow walk way, passed homes, dogs and some with rabbits in cages and think we could end up in someone’s backyard. Finally the street opens up and we are at the restaurant to enjoy some good food and have a lovely sing a long with the band – a very enjoyable evening.

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