Thailand day 4

4 of us decide it is time for some rest and relaxation so we hire a boat and head to Koh Larn island to Twaen Beach. It is amazing to see about 100 boats heading out to the same island as if in some sort of race. We were very happy to be in a big charter fishing boat but there were many much smaller boats, long canoes with motors on the back and then huge double story boats. We get to the beach and all the boats seem to have some unwritten rule on who gets in and out when and how. We are shown to seats with umbrellas (100bht for the day).

The water is warm and clear and a lovely breeze keeps the air fresh from the smog and humidity of Pattaya. We enjoy a few swims but a word of advice go to the toilets that you have to pay to use.

The boat ride alone was like wet and wild, the swell was about 2 meters so some very scary drops – like hitting concrete.

At night another 4 of us decide to go to The Tiffany Show an all boys singing and dancing – like moulin rouge Thai style. So many beautiful costumes and sets. They take us all around the world: burlesque, bollywood, Russia, Thai and china. Spectacular! Then after you can get your picture taken with the ‘boys’ for 100bht.

hit the road in the morning a 5 hour trip to Smaut song ksram.

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