Thailand day 3

Today we leave the crazy hustle and bustle of Bangkok and head to Pattaya – some 2 hours drive away. Before we leave we enjoy some home made dumplings for breakfast filled with either roasted spicy pork, minced pork, chicken or eggs. The egg ones are quite sweet as they mix palm sugar into the egg and all are very delicious eaten warm and fresh.

On the road we start to see farming areas and the toilet breaks are not so pleasant – don’t worry no gruesome details but toilets are not European.

Now, I do have to say that we think our driver is amazing and he has been in the business a long time so will suggest things we can do that I am sure he has some link to and probably earns some extra money through kick backs. As we are driving along he asks if we would like to go to the tiger zoo for 350bht – nobody is really interested but after a short while he says he may be able to get us in for 300bht – it always seems to pay to say no that very first time!

We do go to the floating markets and there are lots of stalls and things to see. The most interesting was a man preparing food with a 10 bht piece in each ear – not sure if this was to help him hear better or a novelty but something I have never seen before.

Everyone is very excited to be heading out to the best seafood place in Pattaya (Preecha Seafood) where you can see your food swimming before you eat it with some unusual species that may be worth a try. We enjoy our feast of baked fish with chilli and ginger, basil chilli prawns, mantis shrimp, scallops, calamari, special fried rice with crab meat and many other delicacies all washed down with beer and local wine – singha beer and we sing all the way back to our motel.

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