Thailand, Bangkok day 2

Today our group had a little trouble co-ordinating and some very upset people waiting an hour for everyone to get back to our meeting place, then a complaint about too many markets from one of the men which left the organiser very, very upset.

We almost got hijacked by another tour guide as he tried to whisk us away out bus driver turned up out of no where and put us back on the bus telling us to “never go with him he is very dodgy man”. Anyway, it all turned out well with us all going on a long canoe type boat along the main river flowing through Bangkok and into a series of canals. Most amazing sites: huge iguanas lying about, fish feeding wharfs, temples and people living their everyday lives – cooking, washing, sleeping. ( it did feel like we were being a little intrusive – looking in on people’s private lives but with boats going backwards and forwards all day perhaps they are used to it.) We saw grocery stores and some magnificent buildings – once again the stark contrast between the rich and the poor.

Out for dinner, shopping again and then a ride in a tuk tuk back to our motel. He’s was a very considerate driver, slowing down for the bumps and although at times we had no idea where we were going, ducking down some very narrow streets, he got us safely to our destination.
Strangest sites today: pig tongues cooked and ready to eat.
Off to Pattaya first thing in the morning.

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