Thailand – Bangkok

June 17 2013
As you can see I have left Moulamein for the time being and I am now in Thailand. We arrived after booking in for our flight at 9am and arrived in Bangkok at about 11pm. We then seemed to spend longer waiting for a bus to take us to the motel (a good couple of hours when all you want to do is have a nice hot shower and hop into bed!)unfortunately our people kept missing their people, the bus driver got tired of waiting and left and so we had to start the whole process all over again. A lesson well learnt – always have your mobile phone charged and make sure your contacts are on your phone. Our accommodation is lovely and we were all delighted to be settled for the next few days – beds very comfortable.
Today we saw many things as we weaved in and out of the streets in our bus. Traffic here moves in a calm but chaotic pace. No horns beeping, no hurling abuse at other drivers and no rude gestures from the open windows. close calls, motor bikes everywhere with up to 4 people on deck but I have decided they are all such good drivers – they are ready for anything and react like a kid playing on a game console.
Some very sad things, an ederley man rummaging through last nights garbage heaped in a pile on the footpath and to then see the magnificent golden budha with all the trimmings – such a contrast.
Thai people are so friendly and helpful even when they do not understand what you really want. They giggle at your pronounciations but appreciate your efforts.
i am with travelling with an interesting group of 8 other people and we shall have to wait and see if we all end up still liking each other at the end. We have: the mum, the fair diccum aussie, the travel expert,

Thailand international airport

Thailand international airport

the fact finder, the not so sure i should be here, the local and then my daughter and myself – the two normal ones except that i am the one always seeming to be lost – absorbing the view, or taking photos or too politely letting people get in between us.
Tonight i am enjoying a bottle of beer 630mls for $1 australian – ready for a good nights sleep.

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