Moulamein NSW

After the garage sale and after packing up all of our bits and pieces we take our caravan and head to the town of Moulamein. Moulamein has a population of around 500 (personally I think it may be less but I’m not counting.) and sits on the Edward River. It is quite close to the border of Victoria and the closest center would be Swan Hill – about a 45 minute drive.

We have arrived here for a couple of reasons, our daughter lives here and she is looking after our cat, Mr Darcy, and our dog, Trixie while we are tripping around. We also lived here 25 years ago so we have some very fond memories of working and living with the people in Moulamein – many of whom are still here today. Before Shane and I head off on our trip I am heading off to Thailand with our daughter for 3 weeks leaving Shane to come to terms with not working while I’m not around. He is already getting familiar with his old fishing haunts, has harvested some yabbies for bait and sorted out where he is going to camp out.

Also our son is here to help keep him company – he really did not want to come with us so no guilty thoughts.

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