It’s Time

The Decision

Making the decision to pack all of our belongings and put them into storage while we go travelling was a very easy one for me – but not so easy for my husband (Shane). We have already travelled and lived in a few different places around NSW but it has always been limited to time and work. With Shane going on long service leave this lead to many discussions on when, where, how and probably why. It was lovely that he invited me to say what I wanted to do when he finished work and naturally I answered travel around Australia. He pondered this for a while and it then went something like this:
” How long do you think it will take …… 3 or 4 months”, he said.
” I was thinking about 1 or 2 years”, I said.
” What about the kids?” he asked.
” Well, they could join us wherever we are and join in the adventure. After all they are all grown up”, I said.
” What about all of our stuff?”, he said.
” We can just store it”, I said.
” What about all my fishing gear, boats and nets?” he asked.
” That can all be stored too.” I said.
” What about my mum?” he asked.

That is so sweet isn’t it but I did explain that if he felt the need to visit her, or if she needed him then he could just fly back and spend some time with his mum. It is also good to know that her 2 daughters are in the same town so will be well looked after.
I have now adjusted the 1-2 years and we will spend 4 months in Western Australia so we are back at Christmas time to catch up with everyone.
Compromise is a wonderful thing and we are now both excited about our travelling adventure.

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